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Kenet (Ken) Ruano is the Chief Operating Officer of Stable Holdings, LLC, a real estate development and investment firm in Long Island, New York.

Before entering the real estate business, Ken was an EKG Technician with TLC Diagnostics in East Rockaway. In this role, he monitored patients’ heart rates, analyzed ECG strips to check for any abnormalities and discussed the diagnoses with doctors and their patients. Ironically, it was at this job that he became interested in real estate.

“The people I worked with were very interested in real estate,” Ken said. “They told me the best way to make money is investing in residential properties, and thought that would be the best career for me.”

In 2018, Ken joined LMPK, where he met Levi, who formed the company with another real estate investor. The year after Ken joined LMPK, the partnership dissolved and the company became Stable Holdings, LLC. “I was working on getting my real estate license and looking for a real estate job,” Ken said. “I introduced myself to Levi. I was young, but I was determined to learn. He gave me a chance.”

While working at LMPK, he received certification as a Licensed Real Estate Agent from Lisore The Real Estate School in Levittown, and as a Real Estate Broker from the Long Island Board of Realtors. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent with Cardinal Realty Group in Miami Beach, Florida.

Ken said that, since the pandemic, the real estate market has taken off, with many houses being bought up and buyers willing to pay above the asking price, including in towns that were considered to be less desirable places to live. “Towns that were less appealing are becoming more appealing, with prices surging from $300,000 to $400,000-$500,000 in just two years,” he said. “That’s a big jump.”

When it comes to his clients, Ken said he knows what they want and helps them achieve their goals. “I can connect with the sellers on a personal level to find out what they are looking to accomplish,” he said. “They stay with me for the duration because they know I can close the deal. If there are any issues that come up with the house, we will fix the problems immediately and get the sale back on track. They know I will get the job done.”

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