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About Stable Holdings

Founded in 2019, Stable Holdings is a real estate development firm based in Long Island, New York. The company purchases, renovates and sells properties and land. In addition, Stable Holdings negotiates with buyers and sellers of properties, managing and coordinating full renovations and all aspects of renovations and construction.


About Levi Kushnir

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Levi Kushnir is the owner of Stable Holdings, a real estate development firm in Long Island, New York. An analytical, determined and self-driven professional with over a decade of leadership experience in the real estate industry, he has the ability to identify the profitability of a specific property and extensive knowledge of housing policies, contract negotiation and financial processes. In his 15 years in the business, Levi has invested in and sold several hundred residential real estate properties for profit.

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About Ken Ruano

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Kenet (Ken) Ruano is the Chief Operating Officer of Stable Holdings, LLC, a real estate development and investment firm in Long Island, New York. Before entering the real estate business, Ken was an EKG Technician with TLC Diagnostics in East Rockaway. In this role, he monitored patients’ heart rates, analyzed ECG strips to check for any abnormalities and discussed the diagnoses with doctors and their patients. Ironically, it was at this job that he became interested in real estate.

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